Gerardo Serrano Endorsed by Take Back Kentucky in Fifth District Congressional Race

Gerardo Serrano has Take Back Kentucky(TBKY) endorsement for Kentucky’s Fifth Congressional District. Gerardo Serrano will fight for Veterans, less taxes, Second Amendment rights, and less regulation. Please like, share, and vote for Gerardo Serrano on Tuesday, May 22.

Referring to the recently passed non budget bill. “Yes, I had to take this to add on my campaign social media page. I don’t get letters to tell me I voted wrong. As I said, I would have voted NO! I will not compromise my principles for a few votes.
I intend to keep my soul when I walk away from office. That has nothing to do with any religious belief, that is who I am.

I am going to do what is right as I did right when it counted for my children and did not look at my bank account to see how much was spent. I kept my eyes on the goal not on my money. I will be the same when I go to Washington.”

Referring to the latest imposed tariffs:
“As I said before, I seen this before, it will only hurt us. We will see factories closing and a rise of unemployment because of this policy.
Not only that, it’s unconstitutional. Only Congress should make these policies. You would be surprised how many public elected officials don’t know or understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Granted, some don’t care.

These policies only hurt our area in the 5th District and yet again, we have no advocate, you have nothing here that will sit down with the President to speak with him to explain to him the damage this will cause on all of us. You can forget your tax breaks you recently got. These tariffs are the very same as a tax. You will pay more for anything made of the stuff he placed the tariffs on. That does not include the countries that will retaliate. China will not be the only one who will engage against this kind of policy.”


Tyner, Kentucky

Republican Party

Candidate for US Representative in the 5th District. Conservative Constitutionalist, I lean Libertarian.

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