Founding Documents

Mayflower Compact Articles of Confederation Declaration of Independence US Constitution Bill of Rights Federalist Papers Anti-Federalist Papers Kentucky Constitution

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Bill Mark-ups & Hand-outs

Current (2016 Session) Bill Mark-Ups, Handouts, & Specialty Alerts  REAL ID: One Final Appeal – Religious Liberty NEW 3/29/2016 TBK Response to Bevin on REAL ID NEW 3/28/2016 REAL ID MEGA ALERT 2 UPDATED NEW 3/15/2016 REAL ID MEGA ALERT NEW 3/8/2016 REAL ID Invoice NEW 3/10/2016 REAL ID Update NEW 3/5/2016 2016 SB 245 Quick Notes NEW 3/1/2016 REAL ID Coming to Kentucky NEW for the 2016 ...

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