Family Foundation of Kentucky


Cultural critic and statesman William J. Bennett once remarked, “The family is and always has been the first and most important incubator of those habits of trust, altruism, responsibility, and mutual obligation on which civil society depends…The family is the first, best, and original department of health, education, and welfare.”

Since 1989, The Family Foundation has stood as a continual bulwark against values and policies that attempt to undermine the cherished status and integrity of the traditional family. Since its first “policy battle” over The Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) and its influence in passing the 2004 Marriage Amendment, The Family Foundation has obtained a formidable presence in Kentucky. The Family Foundation has helped pave the way for pregnancy care centers in Kentucky. And while a small organization, it has been the greatest obstacle to expanded casino gambling, an industry parasitic and destructive to its culture and constituents.

The Family Foundation believes that the integrity of the traditional family is critically important for our culture’s survival. It’s the cornerstone of any society. It’s the building block of any culture. Mom and Dad represent the first government ever created on Earth and the first government any child will ever see. They form a nest that will shape and direct and create and recreate the future of that culture in the children that they care for. It’s our goal that every elected official, every appointed official, that every judge before he rules would think first, “What will this ruling do to the family?” Before every legislator votes, he will think, “What does this vote do for the family?” And before every governor initiates an executive order, he will hold himself accountable, thinking, “What impact will this have on the family?”

At the Family Foundation, it is our intent to inform our constituents and other interested persons on the legislative policies, cultural habits, and political attitudes that are affecting Kentucky families on both a local and national level. We hope to serve as your first touchstone on how Washington and Frankfort impact your family.

Professor Robert P. George of Princeton University has stated that “Where families fail to form, as they so often do today, the effective transmission of the essential virtues of honesty, civility, self-restraint, concern for the welfare of others, justice, compassion, and personal responsibility, is imperiled. If they are not transmitted by the family, these virtues are simply not going to be transmitted. No government agency is going to transmit them to anybody’s children. No government agency can hope to do what the well functioning family does. Now of course, no family is perfect. Yet no other institution, governmental or otherwise, excels the healthy family in its capacity to transmit to each new generation the understanding and traits of character, the values and virtues, upon which the success of every other institution in society, from law and government, to education and business, vitally depends. They all depend on the family.”

Whether by speaking, lobbying, writing, and grassroots partnership, The Family Foundation is here for you, and your family.

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