Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition – KC3

Our Mission:

Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition (KC3) is an advocacy group dedicated to preserving the rights of Kentuckians to carry concealed weapons for protection and to supporting the right to keep and bear arms according to the US and Kentucky Constitution.

KC3 attempts to advance the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and attempts to educate the general public and public officials on their rights, responsibilities and duties under the law. In pursuing this goal, KC3:

  • Lobbies for improved, less restrictive legislation when we see the need;
  • Confronts and educates local officials that are illegally restricting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms;
  • Testifies at legislative committee meetings;
  • Works to keep the public informed on proposed legislation;
  • Attends city council meetings and fiscal court meetings;
  • Attends gun shows and other pro gun gatherings;
  • Furnishes people access to the relevant statutes concerning weapons;
  • Provides speakers for pro-gun rallies when invited;
  • Recommends sources of legal advice concerning weapons issues; and
  • Furnishes people with professional legal representation when appropriate.


Our History:

KC3 was formed in 1995, by a few dedicated residents of northern and central Kentucky, for one purpose: to convince the General Assembly that Kentucky was ready for legal concealed weapons.

At that time, to reflect the mission of the organization, its official name was Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed (often referred to as “KC3”).

In 1891 the General Assembly had outlawed the carrying of concealed weapons in Kentucky. In that era, it was considered ungentlemanly to carry a weapon concealed. A true gentleman carried his weapons openly, for all to see. Only a coward or assassin would attempt to surprise another person with a concealed weapon.

Concealed weapons would remain illegal in Kentucky of over 100 years. During this period, the only legal way to carry a firearm was in the open. While the legality of carrying weapons in the open had not changed, people had become unaccustomed to seeing weapons in public.

Many people had come to the realization that government officials could not protect everyone, everywhere and that the people themselves were responsible for their own safety and the safety of their families.

In 1996, after a year of work by KC3 members, the General Assembly passed House Bill 40. HB 40 was signed by Governor Paul Patton and took effect on October 1, 1996 as KRS 237.110.

This statute authorizes the issuance of licenses to carry concealed deadly weapons to Kentuckians who are eligible under that statute.

After this single, stated goal of KC3 was accomplished, the core membership stayed together and eventually realized that our new concealed carry law had some flaws and they went back to work.

Over the years many improvements have been made to the concealed carry law, and KC3 has been responsible for a number of those changes. There were many challenges for KC3 over the years, but problems with concealed carry became less and less of an issue.

The statutes are clear and concealed carry became more and more accepted, but there are people in Kentucky that are hostile to the idea of ordinary people owning and carrying weapons, openly or concealed, even when they are licensed by the state to do so. Some of these people have managed to get elected to public office.

Many local government officials have attempted to deny the people of Kentucky the right to keep and bear arms by passing local legislation or policies. Almost all of this local legislation is in violation of the Kentucky Constitution and various state laws.

KC3 has battled with local governments for years to assure that residents and visitors to any jurisdiction in Kentucky could exercise their rights in accordance with the law, no matter whether those individuals chose to carry their weapon openly or concealed.

In 2011, KC3 changed its name to Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition to reflect its new mission, but still retained its well known nickname, KC3.

KC3 is now a statewide, grassroots, general gun rights advocacy and education organization. KC3 is headquartered in Frankfort, Kentucky.

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