Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp = Energy

Industrial Hemp = Economic Development

Industrial Hemp = Environment


Did you know that industrial hemp makes 6 times more bio-fuel than corn?

And unlike corn ethanol, hemp can produce bio-fuels (energy) and at the same time add to the food supply—all without subsidies.

Depending on the area, 2-3 crops of hemp can be grown per year compared to one crop of corn.

Why aren’t we growing it already?

Economic Development

Mercedes makes vehicles using hemp instead of fiberglass. Henry Ford built Model T cars with hemp.

Hemp is not just for rope and clothes. It is one of the cutting edge food products that we have to import from Canada. Even our dollar bills have hemp fibers in them.

But we import all of the hemp that is currently used in American factories.

We can invite entrepreneurs into Kentucky that can convert the fiber, cellulose and seed into value added products for food, cosmetics, and commercial and industrial applications including building products, automotive parts, and paper.

Industrial Hemp in Kentucky means jobs in Kentucky. In fact, UK predicted 17,000 immediate  jobs if Kentucky were to be on the cutting edge of Industrial Hemp production. With an estimated 70,000 total jobs to follow


Industrial Hemp is the most environmentally friendly crop Kentucky farmers can grow.

Not only is hemp one of the best absorbers of carbon in our atmosphere, it also improves the soil with its deep root system which potentially improves yields on other rotation crops such as corn and soybeans.

Hemp requires little to no fertilization, and no herbicides or pesticides.

Why not?

We cannot launch our hemp-growing in Kentucky until the current laws are changed. One of the more unknown facts about hemp is that it will sterilize marijuana plants in the area. These two plants are not to be confused. Hemp will help secure Kentucky’s future and bring jobs and economic development to Kentucky, especially in our rural areas.

We needed hemp before, and we really need hemp now.

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