REAL ID/Biometrics – ID vs. Privacy

REAL ID/Biometrics – ID vs. Privacy

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Total Global Biometric Enrollment – Biometric Lawsuit filed by US Attorneys

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This is a short video from the Constitutional Alliance about the dangers of REAL ID.

One of the international standards Mr. Lerner is refering to is this:

“Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” (Mar. 2007) – section 3 “Digital Photograph” (March 2007)footnote (17) states “The relevant ICAO standard is ICAO 9303 Part 1 Vol 2, specifically ISO/IEC 19794-5 -” nprm_readid.pdf Information technology – Biometric data interchange formats – Part 5: Face image data, which is incorporated into ICAO 9303″ nprm_realid.pdf

The ICAO is the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The ICAO monitors travelers, designed biometric “e-passports” required for “Visa Waiver Nations” and is affiliated with the UN. Global enrollment into the e-passport system is 50 million annually. REAL ID photos comply with ICAO “biometric data interchange formats” standards, making state photos compatible with global biometric facial recognition standards.

Another international element is the American Association of Movor Vehicle Administrators. This organization is American in name only.

AAMVA is an international association of motor vehicle and law enforcement officials. AAMVA is responsible for international biometric DL/ID card standards and an international information sharing agreement, the “Driver License Agreement” (DLA). Themost recent AAMVA DL/ID standard is the 2005 “Personal Identification -AAMVAThis DL/ID standard, DLA and other document standards are International Specification- DL/ID Card Design.” requirements, cited in REAL ID HR418 and/or NPRM. AAMVA’s influence over international, federal and state DL/ID card laws is evident in REAL ID (mentioned 30 times in NPRMand 150 times in REAL ID final rules 01-11-08)

This information taken from The Stop REAL ID/Constitutional Alliance Biometric Fact Sheet.

REAL ID Press Conference

This Conference too place sometime in October of 2008 (Video date says Jan 2008, but that is wrong) The Press Conference was at a National Press Club in Washington D.C.

At this Press Conference are:

1. Mark Lerner-Co-Founder, Stop Real ID Coalition and a spokesperson for the Constitutional Alliance

2. State Representative Charles Key- Oklahoma

3. State Representative Sam Rohrer Pennsylvania

4. ACLU National office- Larry Frankel

5. ACLJ- Robert W.”Skip” Ash

6. Tom DeWeese- American Policy Center

7. Michael Ostrolenk- Liberty Coalition

8. Lillie Coney-EPIC

9. Jeannie Burlsworth- Secure Arkansas

10. Amanda Teegarden-OK-SAFE

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