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Oppose – SB 4 Medical Review Panels  – Published 1/5/2017, Updated 1/6/2017, Updated 2/4/2017

  • Current Status: Pending in House Committee
  • Bill Breakdown

Support – SB 7 Constitutional Carry– Published 2/4/2017

  • Restore the 2nd Amendment – Published 2/13/2017

Support – HB 108: KFFA Published 2/20/2017

  • KFFA Posted to Committee Published 2/21/2017

Support – HB 120: Nullify Federal Gun Laws in KY – Published 2/20/2017

Oppose – HB 77 REAL ID– Published 2/4/2017

  • Kill REAL ID – Published 2/13/2017
  • ALERT: New REAL ID Bill: HB 310 – Published 2/27/2017

Support –  SB 57 Medical Cannabis -Published 2/4/2017

Oppose HCR 13 Con Con – Published 2/4/2017

Oppose HB 147 – Forced Vaccinations Published 2/8/2017

  • Stop Forced Vaccination – Published 2/14/2017

Support SB 17- Religious and Political Expression -Published 2/8/2017

Fed’s Want Your Fingerings

Support SB 16 – Expungement Expansion (Minor Class D Felonies)– Published 2-26-2017

Bills to Support

SB 8 – Prohibits Abortion Funding with Taxpayer Dollars: This bill as of Feb 22 has passed the Senate and received in the House. We expect this legislation to pass easily.

HB 50 – Administrative Regulation Review and Sunset Provision

HB 39 – Recording Votes on Fiscal Matters: Right now it is a policy/rule, but it is not law and is often overlooked when passing legislation. This bill would require Roll Call votes as well as any item that would have a fiscal impact be denoted, this will also count in committee votes.

HB 40 – No Foreign Law:  The goal of this law is to ensure that International Law, UN Law, or Cultural Religious Laws like Sharia do not gain a foothold in our government or legal system. Nothing trumps the US Constitution or Kentucky Constitution.

HB 151 – No “Bussing Students”: This bill will allow students to go to the school nearest their home. This would end disruptive policies, especially in urban areas of bussing students to fill quota’s that are ultimately detrimental to a child’s learning experience.

HB 157 – Remove Straight Party Voting a the Ballot Box – This will encourage people to vote based on the candidate and not on party. This has happened for far too long in this state resulting in practically one party running it (into the ground).

HB 162/SB 102 – Tuition Assistance Credit on Income Taxes

HB 195 – GED Alternatives: This bill would remove the GED Trademarked Test as the only High School Equivalency Exam. Currently the GED has been bought by Pearson, and Pearson is a big proponent of Common Core. Recently the GED test has changed to accommodate Common Core and test scores are dropping and fast, this is not a coincidence. Those responsible for this need to be held accountable.

Bills to Oppose

HB 262 – Fingerprint Background Checks – This bill is a result of a mandate from the Obama Administration that requires KY DOR and KY CHFS employees to get a federal background check by submitting their fingerprints. This is what’s called creep, where the government starts carving out segments of society that have to turn over their information and biometrics in order to obtain or retain employment for example, often starting with government employees and then slowly migrating it to the rest of the public. Before you know it there are more people than not already submitting their information and biometrics over to the federal government.  There is not a cost associated with this and it appears the federal government is not providing any funding. With the amount of employees at each of those 2 agencies, and at cost of $115, as that seems to be the normal charge, this could cost the state a little north of $900,000.00.

HB 225 – Expansion of Federal Police in KY

HB 14 – Blue Lives Hate Crime: While we support law enforcement, we do not support the concept of creating a special class of people in which the punishment is more severe based upon who they are and not the actual crime. We take this stance on all types of hate crimes. If one commits a violent act against another human being their is already hate in their heart, and we should not further that discourse by adding more groups of people to pit against others and codify it into law.

HB 160 – Removal of Constables: CLICK HERE to find out why we support keeping the County Constables.

HB 148/SB 105 – Midwife Licensing: We as an organization initially supported this legislation last year; however, after hearing the concerns of other who are midwives they feel legislation like this could lead to punishment if one does not get licensed and still practices midwifery.

HB 47 – Child Abuse Registry: We are by no means supportive of Child Abuse, that is absurd; however, this is a slippery slope. Until CPS is reigned in there is no way a Child Abuse Registry can be of any real use to the public, and more than likely a detriment to parents.

HB 122 – Forced Helmets: This will require children under the age of 12 to wear a helmet when on a bicycle. It is wide open for the Transportation Cabinet to make the regulations, so it is likely parents could face punitive damages if a child does not have a helmet on, meaning another opportunity for the state to inset itself into your life as well as raise revenue.

SB 78 – Stupid, Overreaching, Anti-Smoking Bill: This bill prohibits volunteers at schools to have tobacco products in their cars while on school property, it also prohibits them from smoking in their private hotel room while on a school trip as a chaperone. If you violate this law you shall be punished by the school board.

HB 177 – Can’t Warm Your Car in Winter Bill: This has got to be one of the most utterly dumb bills filed this year. Good thing this winter has been a warm one. Sets a time limit on how long you can idle your car, and it must also be locked. What’s worse, the House passed it 76-20, surely the Senate won’t take up this asinine bill.

HB 253 – Unannounced CPS Visits/Expansion of CPS Authority: This bill will give CPS the authority to make ongoing unannounced visits to the location a child was allegedly abused. While this may sound good on the surface there are a few problems with this. For example, a neighbor thinks he overhears you disciplining a child and without seeing and knowing the details, construes it falsely, and calls it in. CPS shows up later but finds out it was not your child but your niece (did your sister go too far or was it an out of control tantrum). This bill would REQUIRE more visits (to your residence) to try tracking down your niece. Two major problems, one is who decides if the child is safe or unsafe, and the other is why do we want to require visits when they may be unnecessary or unconstitutionally intrusive? Furthermore, it is common knowledge that CPS has more cases that it can handle, yet now we are going to mandate these visits instead of each of these cases being handled based on their merits. Finally CPS is known for its corruption as reported by the media in 2006 and 2007. An entity that is conducted in such a manner as CPS should be reformed not handed more authority.

HB 333 – Fentanyl Bill – In this bill they have buried something that will undo a lot of the good work Jamie Comer did when he was Ag Commissioner. This bill deals with Fentanyl, not Industrial Hemp or CBD oil. Right now, Big Pharma, more specifically GW Pharmaceuticals is working on a synthetic CBD Oil for prescription to be allowed by the FDA. In Section 25 (d) of this bill it tinkers with what the Marijuana is and is not, and what Marijuana will not be in Kentucky if this passes is CBD Oil Prescription Approved by the FDA. By doing this any natural CBD oil from Industrial Hemp plants that is not prescribed will then be by default Marijuana, and thus a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. What needs to happen is Section 25(d) needs to be stricken as not germane, or amended to included CBD oil from Industrial Hemp. TBK Opposes, if these changes are not made. ACTION: Call Rep. Moser and your Representative and see if we can get section 25 (d) changed.

Dead Alerts

This section contains alerts that no longer need action, support or oppose.

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