August 2023 Statewide Meeting in Elizabethtown


This month’s meeting is Saturday August the 19th, 1:00PM EST to 4:00PM EST at Family Buffet at 121 Towne Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701!

Agenda items:

Miranda Stovall: Protecting Kids From Taxpayer-Funded Obscenity

Miranda is a Jefferson County mom of four children who has spearheaded efforts to protect children from obscenity in school libraries. These materials, purchased and offered to children at taxpayer expense, are in some cases too explicit to be reproduced on Facebook or on over-the-air media. She testified about these problems to the State Legislature during the consideration of 2023’s SB5, which sought to allow parents some semblance of control over what’s in their school libraries.

Miranda is the co-founder and the Director of Records and Grants for Freedom in Education. We look forward to learning solutions to this real issue that is in schools across Kentucky.

Other agenda items:

Who chooses KY’s Republican National Committee members? Why should I care?

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