December 2021 Statewide Meeting in Elizabethtown

This month’s meeting is Saturday December 11th, 1:00PM EST to 4:00PM EST at Family Buffet at 121 Towne Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701! In December each year we meet on the second Saturday as that works better with the family times of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

This month’s meeting has two of the leading voices in Kentucky for medical freedom, school choice, and pushing back on tyranny.

We have State Rep Savannah Maddox and State Rep Felicia Rabourn coming to preview the upcoming legislative session that starts in early January, and discuss their legislative priorities.

Representative Maddox was elected in 2018, and immediately became a leading voice for Take Back’s then-priority issue, Constitutional Carry in the state house, and spearheaded winning that battle in 2019. In 2020 she correctly predicted the trajectory of the governor’s overreach and introduced an amendment to prevent the damage that the governor’s unstable heavily partisan political response would cause. Unfortunately many status quo politicians refused to take a stand, and the governor was left to rampage almost unchecked for about a year until the 2021 session. In 2021 she played key roles in fighting against the mandates, forced masking, and has been attacked in concert by leftists and weak Republicans for pushing for stopping employers from implementing government-inspired vaccine mandates. Her BR106 is the flagship legislation we are supporting to stop people losing their careers over medical decision based discrimination. She also plans to lead on a major gun rights package in 2022.

Representative Rabourn was endorsed by Take Back Kentucky’s coalition in her 2020 primary against Red Flag Gun Grabber Paul Hornback’s endorsed candidate. She won the primary and went on to handily beat her general election opponent. She is a strong champion of medical freedom and educational freedom. She earned Kentucky Liberty’s A+ rating for her consistent fighting for what is right. She has prefiled BR535 which will allow retroactive liability claims for medical harm caused by employer-forced mandates.

Between last month’s exceedingly informative perspective from Senator Adrienne Southworth — we kept her busy right up till the end of the meeting with questions!– and Reps Maddox and Rabourn, we will have a very interesting perspective going into the 2022 session, which promises to be very busy and need grassroots action to get the best protections passed.


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