January 2023 Statewide Meeting in Elizabethtown



This month’s meeting is Saturday January the 21st, 1:00PM EST to 4:00PM EST at Family Buffet at 121 Towne Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701!

Agenda items:

Sarah May Durand will be with us to update on the current projects and bills being promoted or opposed by our friends at Bluegrass Institute
for Public Policy Solutions, Kentucky’s first and only free-market think tank. Sarah has long been an activist for freedom, and now works as the Director, Government Affairs with Bluegrass.

We’ll chat with the graduates in attendance from the 1/14 Saturday political leadership training to learn what their takeaways were.

We will talk through a number of bills that are being proposed in the Kentucky legislature, including gun rights, medical freedom, election integrity and more. We’ll also discuss the 44A caucus rules change and the implications. There’s a ton going on and lots to keep an eye on!

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