June 2021 Statewide Meeting in Elizabethtown

Join us for an action-packed statewide meeting this coming Saturday June 19th, 1:00PM EST to 4:00PM EST at Family Buffet at  121 Towne Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701!

We’ll have a presentation on the No Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Bill. As things currently stand if you have a point of view on an issue, you must take your time and money… to fight against people who are using your tax dollars to pay trained lobbyists to oppose you. Find out why this happens, and what is being proposed to fix this very real problem in Kentucky.

We will follow up on the status of the Republican re-organization we talked about in May and interview people who were first time participants or had lessons learned– and then talk to those who won. You can’t get good at these processes without learning what happens from real life experience, and do we ever have some experiences to talk over. Wins, losses, and… a county party the Establishment destroyed for the next four years by breaking the rules?! Also– what’s next? What do you do with your new position if you were elected? How do you decide which issues to use to build your local party organization?

We’ll have an update from Moderator Rick Treitz on the Conservative Leadership Conference that happened on June 5th and where we had a booth.

We’ll also be considering what actions to take in regard to the 2022 ballot question for whether to allow 12 extra days of session per year and extending the end of the legislative session to December 31st.  While the legislature being out of session was bad while under unconstitutional orders from the governor, a never-ending session you have to constantly be watching for surprise mischief can be a dangerous thing. If interested, you can review the relevant legislation, HB4 and SB181 from 2021 here before the meeting.


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