March 2021 Meeting: Stopping Beshear’s tyranny review

May be an image of 3 people and text that says ' @take_ back_ ky TEA KEN KY Stopping Beshear's tyranny review with special guests TJ Roberts and Brewed Lexington's Andrew Cooperrider'


As we pass the anniversary of the politically-induced madness that took hold of the world last spring using medical reasons to justify tyranny, we are finishing the first legislative session allowing Kentucky legislators to fulfill expectations of stopping nine months of dictatorial rule by the Governor.

We are glad to welcome two major players in this year’s fight to restore liberty in Kentucky to address us, TJ Roberts of Northern Kentucky, and Andrew Coopperrider of Lexington.

Saturday, March 20, 2021, at 1PM ET/12PM CT

Family Buffet
121 Towne Drive
Elizabethtown, KY 40342

TJ Roberts was plaintiff in Roberts vs Neace, the court action that overturned Beshear’s blanket ban on churchgoing and interstate travel after citizens were threatened with jail after attending an Easter service last year. He also has been instrumental in trying to get kids back to in person learning. He will hold politicians that failed to protect Kentuckians from further tyranny accountable through his work with Kentucky Liberty PAC.

Andrew Cooperrider is owner of Brewed Lexington, a coffee shop that has been a focal point in the efforts to fight back against irrational and arbitrary actions by government officials. He’s fought in court, as a lead petitioner for impeachment, and with regular social media videos and posts helping voters know what to do when to fix the laws that allowed the governor to bully the whole state. He has helped businesses in several states push back against bureaucratic shutdown. He’s now a lead plaintiff on Cooperrider vs Beshear, after being targeted for thousands in legal costs for petitioning for Beshear’s impeachment. He keeps us updated on all the caffeinated details of the Kentucky political scene on his podcast, Fresh BREWED KY Politics, which you can find through a web search or Spotify.

Both helped tens of thousands of grassroots voters by their leadership, bringing pressure to stop politicians intent on playing politics over people’s lives and freedoms. They’ll be going over their inside experiences fighting the machine, what happened and what needs to happen going forward.Take Back’s review of the legislative session and discussion of vaccines is also on the agenda. You don’t want to miss this meeting and learn from these successful activists!

The Family Buffet restaurant has been very gracious to us over the years. We definitely don’t want to get them in trouble with the health Nazis. PLEASE wear a mask while serving yourself at the buffet, and while coming and going. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We hope to have mutually beneficial relations for years to come. Thanks.


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