May 2021 Statewide Meeting in Elizabethtown

Our meeting this month is Saturday, May 15th, back at our regular location the Family Buffet, 121 Towne Drive, Elizabethtown, KY 42701, from 1PM to 4PM EST.

Are you tired of the cancel culture? Politics as usual? Wicked Democrats working with RINO Republicans holding us hostage?

Conservatives, liberty folks, constitutionalists, Trump supporters, libertarians, one and all – we have an opportunity that happens once every four years.

Republican Party local and state officer elections take place in 2021, in the coming weeks and months. Come out and learn how YOU can make a difference! We’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of the convention process, and how we can influence our local parties up to the state party. Not merely for the good of the GOP, but primarily to restore America back to its former glory. This is an often-overlooked tool in the effort to hold our legislators to account for their actions.

We’ll have several experienced speakers including former 34th Legislative District Chair Michael Brown and Kentucky Liberty’s TJ Roberts to tell what can be accomplished and how it works.

In addition to training, we’ll interview Don Thrasher, the Nelson County Republican Chair who worked with his county party members to fight the gas tax and primary “Republican” House Whip Chad McCoy for breaking his public promise to oppose gas tax hikes. Don also led an effort to get the state party to demand Mitch McConnell stop aiding the left in their attempts to smear Trump and his voters. His experiences will be eye-opening and show what can be accomplished by good people taking action.

We gladly welcome the members of the Central Kentucky Tea Party, as they have not been able to meet recently.

Note: The Family Buffet restaurant has been very gracious to us over the years. We definitely don’t want to get them in trouble with the health Nazis. PLEASE wear a mask while serving yourself at the buffet, and while coming and going. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We hope to have mutually beneficial relations for years to come. Thanks.

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