US Justicewatch TBK Presentation

Justice Commission Presentation for TBK 7-19-14


Roberts Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order, Revised

Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet

Federal Debt

Federal Debt Situation – This is a look at our federal budget situation put in basic terms: This presentation was given by David Goldberg at the August 2011 Take Back Kentucky meeting. He of course elaborated in more detail to those in attendance, however we think you get the point after looking at this document the stark reality of the situation

Kentucky Tax Scam Presentation

Presentation at the Freedom Liberty Conference 2011

Cannabis Information

Kentucky Industrial Hemp Study – With Commentary

Medical Marijuana Presentation– By Sally O’Boyle


Archived References Materials – Jobs Leaving America, Passage of County Ordinances Info,  & Medical Malpractice. Some information is old and may be outdated but we kept it for reference sake.