Here in Kentucky we had quite a battle over REAL ID implementation and Liberty prevailed this with the defeat of SB 245 when Governor Bevin VETOED it on the last day. We do believe the Federal Government will take another shot at convincing our legislators to help them force this down Kentuckians throats again next session. However, there is an effort to repeal REAL ID at the Federal level. Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Thomas Massie have already signed on to Repeal REAL ID legislation in their respective chambers.

What we need is for the rest of Kentucky’s delegation to do the same. Contact your Representative and tell them to co-sponsor HR 4375, and Senator McConnell to sign on to S. 2440.


REAL ID VIDEO: We have an important request, the organization the Constitutional Alliance and their biometrics expert Mark Lerner were invaluable in their help and knowledge in defeating REAL ID in Kentucky this year. They are trying to put together a video as a legislative tool to give to members of Congress alerting them to the dangers to our rights REAL ID proposes as well as its flaws. Many of the legislators in D.C. now were not there in 205 when it is passed and are ignorant of the subject matter, so it’s up to us to educate them. However, this video will not get made on hope alone, it needs funding. The cost is not much and TBK as an organization has already tossed in $500 to help produce it. Without the CA’s help this defeat might not have happened and we can certainly use this video as a tool here in Kentucky as well as D.C. to stop REAL ID. So please DONATE to the CA and help them with this effort.

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