Federal Second Amendment Alert on 3D Firearms

Anti-gunners are now calling for a crackdown on 3-D guns for one simple reason…

… The Left knows they could never get away with amending the Constitution to repeal the Second Amendment.
Instead, they’re going to slowly win small battle after small battle until they’ve won the entire war.

Whether it’s on bump stocks or 3-D guns, if we continue to cede territory to our enemies, one day we’ll find ourselves entirely stripped of our rights, remembering what it was once like to live in a free country.

Some of our “so-called” Second Amendment allies in Congress don’t see a problem with compromise, but Gun Owners of America knows it’s a slippery slope.
I need you to help Gun Owners of America send a reminder to every gun ally in Congress that this IS a fight worth fighting.

MESSAGE TO CONGRESS: https://www.gunownersamerica.com/3-d-guns-petition/

This latest obsession of the anti-gunner mob is an attempt to stop private citizens from producing their own defense mechanisms. Isn’t that basically the definition of socialism? Letting the government dictate the means of production?

Gun Owners of America takes a ZERO compromise stance for that very reason. We understand that we’re at war — and in war, you never appease your enemies.

If you agree, please add your name to remind our Second Amendment allies in Congress that, yes, this is a battle worth fighting.

Thank you,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America

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