God & Country Ministries/Christians at Capitol

God & Country Ministries/Christians at Capitol

Brother Lee Watts is a Christian Missionary to the Legislators and more at the Capitol in Frankfort.  Recently he has began an effort to get Christians Involved in Government through the Christians at the Capitol initiative.

This ministry is dedicated to calling America back to the God of Abraham and Isaac, and of Washington and Lincoln.

America is under attack!  The greatest threat is not terrorism, or communism; it is sin and Godlessness.  America started as a Christian nation, and she can be again, but it will take a new generation of patriots.  LET FREEDOM RING!

There are four parts to the work of God and Country Ministry.

1- Chaplain to Kentucky State Capitol Building

    As the chaplain, each year I give all of the legislators, the governor, and others a copy of the Bible (KJV).  I teach a weekly Bible study in the Capitol, meet with the legislators to counsel as a pastor would, and talk about Biblical principles concerning the issues of the day.


2-  Teaching of America’s Christian Heritage

  These seminars are ideal for:  churches, schools, patriot groups, etc.  Topics include:  Faith of the Founding FathersThe Biblical Basis of the Constitution & DeclarationWhat the Bible Teaches about Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, and Entitlements.  I also have a seminar called Islam Examined, and a 3-part one entitled The History and Comparison of Bible Versions.


3- Getting Patriotic Christians Informed, Involved and Inspired

    This is accomplished by the radio show “Take America Back,” sending out the monthly newsletter, using social media to keep people informed of breaking news, providing free tours of the Kentucky Capitol, and hosting the annual conference Christians at the Capitol.”


4- Doing the Work of an Evangelist

     As an ordained minister, it is my great privilege to preach the Word of God in churches across the country.  I am happy to preach at any denomination, but know I am an old-fashioned Baptist preacher and   that’s the type of preaching to expect.

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