Kentucky Right to Work

The Kentucky Right to Work Committee is a grassroots citizen action network of Kentuckians dedicated to the proposition that no worker should be forced to join a union or pay union dues just to keep a job.

Today, thousands of Kentucky workers are forced to pay union dues or fees — or be fired.

Additionally, Right to Work states saw over three times more job growth and dramatically higher income growth compared to forced-unionism states in general, and Kentucky specifically.

Kentucky taxpayers bear the brunt of forced unionism in the form of fewer jobs, higher taxes and worse public services.

We believe in ending forced unionism in all its forms by passing a state Right to Work law, ending union-only monopoly bargaining and banning union-only “project labor agreements.”

To that end, our first priority is to inform and educate Right to Work supporters and the general public about the forced- unionism issue and to empower those same people to urge their elected officials and candidates to support Right to Work.

The Kentucky Right to Work Committee is an independently-funded branch of the Mid-America Right to Work Committee, which coordinates efforts of Right to Work supporters throughout the Midwest and works closely with the National Right to Work Committee to end forced unionism.

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