Kentucky State Government
Kentucky Executive
Kentucky Legislature
Kentucky Judicial
Kentucky Votes – A resource by the Bluegrass Institute for legislation and voting records.
Link to State Legislatures
Search Engine for Federal Legislation
CIA World Fact Book
Individual Liberty – Library of Congress – You can search Federal Laws here.
US Senate
US House

Kentucky Freedom/Liberty Oriented:

Take Back Kentucky
The Kentucky 9/12 Project
Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Constitution Party of Kentucky
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions (BIPPS)
The Family Foundation of Kentucky
American Family Association of Kentucky
League of Kentucky Property Owners
CHEK -Christian Home Educators of Kentucky
Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed
Kentuckians Against Common Core
Kentucky Right to Work
Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana
Kentucky Constable Association
Kentucky Pegasus Institute
We See You Watching Lexington
Red Tape Reduction
Kentucky 120 United – Bible Reading Initiative


Freedom Oriented:

Other State Liberty websites

Take Back Utah
Secure Arkansas

National Organizations

Campaign For Liberty
Americans for Prosperity
American Majority
Americans for Tax Reform
The 9/12 Project
Freedom 21
Constitutional Alliance
Give Me Liberty
American Policy Center
Freedom Advocates
Sovereignty International
Heartland Institute
Ludwig von Mises Institute
10th Amendment Center
Freedom Force International
Future of Freedom Foundation
Foundation for Economic Education
Committees of Safety
Ayn Rand Institute
Eagle Forum
Restore the Republic
End The Fed
Stop REAL ID Coalition
The Liberty Restoration Project
The Patrick Henry Caucus
The August Review
Euro Pacific Capital
Climate Audit
National Center for Constitutional Studies
Electronic Frontier Foundation
The John Birch Society
The CATO Institute
The Heritage Foundation
Free Enterprise Society
Jefferson Review
Amerikan Expose
Liberty Coalition
Heritage Association
CWA – Concerned Women for America
TEA Party Patriots
Lew Rockwell

Veterans Issues:

Rolling Thunder(National)
Greasy Online

2nd Amendment Organizations:

Gun Owners of America
National Association for Gun Rights
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Armed Females of America
Legally Armed
Women Against Gun Control
Citizens committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Second Amendment Foundation
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Second Amendment Committee
Keep and Bear Arms
Save the Guns

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