TBKY 2nd Amendment Alert for Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Take Back Kentucky Anti Second Amendment State Alert: City of Elizabeth town, Kentucky

A KC3 member found a “NO GUNS” sign on a city-owned building in Elizabethtown. A picture of that sign can be seen here:


After digging a little deeper he found out that city employees were being told they were not allowed to carry firearms at work. He brought these issues to KC3 board members and a complaint was lodged with the mayor of E-town. E-town does not have a “No Concealed Weapons” Ordinance.

The issue of the sign was settled very quickly and the sign was removed, however, it was soon discovered that the City of E-town had a written policy that prohibited employees from possessing firearms while at work or in city-owned vehicles. After several email exchanges and phone calls between KC3 board members and city official, the city agreed to amend their employee policy manual.

Without discussing the new policy with KC3, the E-town City Council passed a new, amended weapons policy. You can see this new policy here:


The violations are in the third paragraph on the first page and then item “p” on the third page.

The new policy is no better than the old and the city has refused to make any further changes. This issue has been referred to KC3’s attorney and will, most likely, result in a lawsuit. I’ll let you know when that lawsuit has actually been filed.

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